Monday, February 15, 2016

AT Assessment to Support Transition

What process do you use to assess accommodations for your students/clients?

Tools/Scaffolds/models help us communicate more effectively, whether it is:
1. Client to Provider/Counselor
2. Team member to team member/ agency to agency - Collaboration is what it's about!

Purpose today:
1. Share the SETT model as one tool to use for assessing accommodations and supports, using the decision making guide and AT checklist - adapted for use with butcher paper on wall to record ideas/data and translate to Excel Spreadsheets (Samples and templates included in presentation)
2. Share resource materials online for further exploration
3. Tools for YOUR toolbox (linked below)

Video: Understanding AT - Simply Said Series - from Minnesota - we will look at Oregon resource OTAP


Joy Zabala developed the SETT Framework  (LINK)
Her "Straight From the Horses Mouth" PowerPoint link
SETT Scaffold for Consideration of AT needs LINK
Her work was developed into the WATI Assessment Package
Items from this we are using:
AT Decision Making Guide
AT Checklist
Functional Limitations (list and descriptions)
Student Sample: Environment & Regulation
Student Sample:Functional/Academic & Vocational Skills
Sample implementation plan

Some Online Resources/Videos:
JAN - Job Accommodation Network SOAR - Searchable Online Accommodation Resource
JAN Job Accommodation Network You Tube Video ( time 5:21)

Easter Seals YouTube video - Assistive Technology
Easter Seals Connections YouTube video Transition from High School with AT (time 5:30)

Oregon Resources for Equipment Loans and Funding:
OTAP Oregon Technology Access Program - loan library open for trial use to schools, families
ATI Oregon 
UCP Oregon Washington - Employment Solutions
UCP Educational Grants - Family Support through Zetosch Children's Fund
TDAP: Telecommunication Device Access Program: iPad/AAC devices for telecommunication

Tool Resources:
 iPad iOS Accessibility Features

Chromebook Accessibility Features YouTube

Livebinder Resources from DCDT Portland 2015 - Akron, Ohio Alfred Davis PH.D University of Akron:
Live binder Apps for Special Ed Word Docs
Livebinder Apps: Using Apps to Assist in Community and Career Preparation - Powerpoint with descriptions and live links

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Links on one Word Document HERE

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