Monday, July 21, 2014

Apps for Aug Com and Autism

Does it sometimes feel like your work with students is a "Mission Impossible"?
There are over 30 apps to cover today that support Autism and students with communication needs. We will be discovering some of them by breaking out and exploring them and then coming back to share - a divide and conquer method.
We also will be categorizing the apps under different groupings based on the purpose they serve. You will receive a sheet with 2 columns, one with a list of categories and one with a list of the apps we will explore. Your assignment (should you choose to accept it) is to put these apps under the areas you feel they best fit. This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds! 
App Links:
Sono Flex Lite
Sounding Board
ASD Tools
Choiceworks 6.99
Visual Planner 14.99
Clicker Sentences 28.99
Clicker Docs 30.99
Notability 4.99
Fireworks Blast-off  .99
Falling Stars
Show Me
Draw Stars!
Audionote Lite
Adobe Reader
Popplet Lite
Proloquo2Go 219.99
Lickety Split .99
Sequences 4.99
Toca Apps: Fairy Tale, Kitchen Monsters, Cars 2.99
Doodle Timer
Chorepad Lite
Shadow Puppet
VisTimer Free
Lux Draw
Share Timer
Pic Collage
Autism Apps
Sleep Pillow 1.99

Intro Activity
iOS Tools
2 categories explored
2 categories explored
2 categories explored with project/acitvity
Closing Reflection Activity
Our Top Ten List for the Day:
Shadow Puppet
Sounding BoardSonoflex
Lickety Split
Playhome Lite
Magic Fingers
Clicker Docs and Sentences
ASD Tools
Share Timer Storybot
Honorable Mention:
Sleep pillow
Where's My Water?
Show Me

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Apps That Accommodate Reading & Writing

What is Your Dream Adventure? What is your favorite Genre?
We will explore apps today, but hopefully tap into and tantalize your sense of adventure...

Agenda and Resources
Free Apps your will need to download today:
Adobe Reader
Popplet Lite
Plain Text 2 for Dropbox
Zentap (iPhone app - but can go on iPad)

iBrainstorm Companion (IPhone only)

Miss Spell's Class

Resources: (will search for:The Island of the Yellow Sands -E.C.Brill -Kindle with images)
Read, Write, Think (especially see mobile apps)
Apps for Literature - PDF Search Engine (Will use to search for Edgar Allen Poe Resources)
Dropbox App
Using iPads in Literature Circles
Apps and Ideas for Literature Circles on iPads

1. Opening Activities
2. What's Available in iPad OS Settings? Pages App?
3. Resources for books and pdf's -Gutenberg for books (The Island of the Yellow Sands)
    The Raven Worksheet for pdf (
4. Pdf's - Adobe Reader, Skitch, Evernote/iBooks/Dropbox for storage
5. Writing Apps that Accommodate: iBrainstorm, Popplet, Zentap, Plaintext2, Writable,
6. Literature Circles: Articles
7. Resources - Lit2GoCathy library, Read Write Think, Lit2go,
8. Putting it all togther - Building a Literature/Writing Collage on a chosen book - work with Author partner

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Apps for Organization, Scheduling and Note-taking

Agenda and Resources:

Free Apps you will need to Download today

Audionote Lite (Full version $4.99)
iBrainstorm (on iPad)
iBrainstorm Companion (for iPhone only)
Total Recall Mind Map

PicCollage - Visual Learning Reminders Activity

My Homework Student Planner
My Homework Teacher Planner

vJournal (an Evernote partner App)
Tablet Journal
Inknotes Basic

We will note use today but these are good for Cloud Storage:
Google Drive

Other Apps that cost (demo)
Notability $4.99
MyJournal .99 cents

Introduction/Opening Activity
Interview: Name, Subject/grade/location, Summer Activity, Little known fact

Scale 1 to 10 activity on use of tools

Cool Stuff On Your iPad/iPhone OS to Support You
Pages (now free on new iPads)
Dictation on keyboard with Mic button
Siri Commands - "Create an event"; "Make a Reminder"; "Find (blank) on the web"; "Find a picture of (blank) on the web"
Practice using Siri 3 items: find shark picture, History of Kona, Hawaii, Hot rock walking

Penultimate and Evernote
Penultimate: Scribble Pad, collect ideas and photos
Evernote: make daily notes, collect links, pages and links your data from other apps and computer "snipper" in browser.
Add a voice note to a page
Take a picture and save
Search for keywords to find specific notes

Activity: Pick an app, Penultimate or Evernote,  and choose to do  from below:
 1) Create a Note: 2) jot down an idea or task, 3) add images, 4) record audio clip,5) make to-do list

Put it all together:
Siri Activity Scavenger Hunt
Find items and add to Penultimate list - search with Siri

Notability Overview (this is not a free app but excellent one)
Audionote - sync lecture feature - next best thing
iBrainstorm and iBrainstorm Comapnion for iPhone
Sequence Activity - Connect to companion to get notes and put in order

Group Exploration, Assess Apps and Report:
My Homework Student Planner
My Homework Teacher Planner
Tablet journal
Inknotes Basic

Pic Collage and Activity - do research collage from topic on card